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I Must Prepare (Tablecloth Tint)

This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Blueblood (1998).

Crabs fight for a peek
Windows clouded with algae
There is a passionate tint to the tablecloth
The total effect is one of liberation
Open wide
No one else will taste this wriggling tongue
I know I'm pinned
Your blue blood keeps me in
One more body is heavy
And I must prepare

I want to wish you well
Everything is better now
Can't you tell
It's unavoidable
I let the door hit my ass on the way out
And I can see a sign flashing on the shoulder
Men at work

The sun warms skin that it sometimes burns away
It takes the light of day to see
You can't be tamed
Some day soon you will be free again
To roam the streets
Looking for love from everyone you meet
And I must prepare

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