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Empty Elevator Shaft

This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Blueblood (1998).

Wasted all the scratch I had
Fish swam from the net
The watery percentages
Should've known better than that

Deals meant For a better plan
Synthesized from fear
Bank accounts full of empty checks
Affairs of the heart draw near

Check your luggage with the janitor
Trovel light when you go
Down an empty elevator shaft
No light between floors

Tail end of a trauma
Took a fortnight to lapse
Strange and inconceivable
Almost impossible perhaps

Though I wanted it to happen
And I could wait For the rest
I couldn't handle the pressure
Or justify the expense

No heat in the baggage hold
It's a paralyzing cold
Backpack stashed in the overhead
Duct tape on the doors

Just a sticky bloody mess
Bunch of wet flesh and bones
Stuck to the walls in the alley
Dogs come around to explore

Never thought that it would come to this
It was an honest mistake
People take failure differently
Some of us never get a break

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