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This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Blueblood (1998).

Soul, soul, who stole the soul? A blushing kid,
But you're never too old

I once loved a girl, met her at a dance
Presented her proudly with the Flowers of romance
All signs were good, I took her at her word
Like thousands before me, I came with a glance

Left there that night, no numbers did I get
Over the next two days I schemed and I wept
An army of monkeys dialing random artifacts
The monkeys they failed, the number's secret was kept

Told myself "you're a fool," but at my task I remained
Spared no pain on those monkeys
By my wit they were maimed
Ran into her down south of this charming town
Noted the response "haven't I seen you around?"

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