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Drag The River

This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Firewater (1996).

Drag the river with a comb that you just bought
For a dollar at the drugstore on the font
If you catch a body falling star falling star
Is it anybody 'cause those has-beens don't fall far
Not like a comet shard not like a bullet shot at a passing car
Planned from the beginning from the very start
An arrow through the middle of the truest of hearts

That trick sent us into triple overtime and into sudden death
Certain inconsistencies saved us at the net
Like that gentle retardation that I never will forget
I won't forget not like the time you let pass you by
Like a comet in the night with its tail shining bright
A poker in the face of a dream pursuing sight

Salt sugar water and grease
Run through the veins of the local police
Wide of the target and short of the mark
Like bears in the corner of a national park
They don't bark like dogs
Or howl at the moon like a wolf in the fog
They never move too fast too far or too soon

The night you beat me up you said it wouldn't last
And you thought it would sink into the past
But it never could and it never will
I drag the river and I feel it still
A candy coating on the bitterest pill but I taste it

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