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Don't Make Plans This Friday

This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Firewater (1996).

Friday talked to the wife on the phone
Said I'm not allowed near the home
If I climb the fence like last time she'll call the dame law
Her whining is so annoying
When she can't be trusted with the children
I remember the lawyer with his grinning skull

My half of the settlement will be invested to return a mint
Go toward hiring an agent who will be paid not to pry
Once I'm armed with this new hauteur
I'll still be just the agent's tool
Sometimes you gotta sell out if you plan to buy

The settlement's all divided now
Got myself an apartment downtown
Tell you not to make plans
We'll go out this Friday night
Don't think about that recidivist wife
Or that lawyer acting so contrite
I try to relax every Friday
Put it out of my mind

Friday night is sacred
It's not time to be wasted
With doom on call
Friday they can't use it

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