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Caricature Of A Joke

This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Firewater (1996).

It's getting ready to pour
Streetlights flicker on again
Once more it's time to descend
Into the end of another long day
A week 'til the fourth a month 'til this dump's dead end
But this heart is mine to lend not just anyone's to take away

Watery eyes I got all choked up
Paper-thin walls keep it down
All the bad habits that you took on
Are coming out more every round

All the cars are splashing by
In a hurry to get their drivers home
Have one of them take you along
The first good safe chance I get
Maybe Earth's core can pull on your empty head
And someone else can pretend
That your skin doesn't get in the way

Get your head up
The end is near
No one said this would be fun
One short drive
One long pull on the trigger of a loaded gun

There goes the water
Turn those headlights off
It's hot as hell and the extra wattage wears me down
Like a wick eaten up by the flame
Drains overflow
The gutter's slow and choked
It came and stole my friend and left a caricature of a joke

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