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  1. Murder (featuring Master P and Big Ed)
  2. I Ain't Takin' No Shorts
  3. I Represent
  4. The Shocker (featuring Master P)
  5. No Limit Party (featuring Master P and Mia X)
  6. Free Loaders (featuring Mo B. Dick)
  7. 1 Morning (featuring Mo B. Dick)
  8. How We Mobb (featuring Master P)
  9. It's On
  10. Ain't Nothing
  11. Ghetto Tears (featuring Master P)
  12. Mr.
  13. It's Time to Ride (featuring Master P)
  14. If My 9 Could Talk
  15. Commercial 1 (featuring Skull Duggery)
  16. Got Em Fiending (featuring Master P)
  17. My Car (featuring Mo B. Dick)
  18. Ghetto 211 (featuring Master P)
  19. Why My Homie (featuring Master P and C-Murder)

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