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Northern Lights

This song is by Silke Bischoff and appears on the album Northern Lights (1996).

I can't remember
What happened last night
Your angry voice
In a blue night
I was too drunken to find the right words
Now it hurts
I spent the rest of the night on the floor
O open my eyes
There's blood on the wall
I can't believe it
This can't be true
Where are you?
I'm here on my own
In the northern lighs
I'm here on my own
In the northern lighs
Sometimes it's easy
Sometimes it's hard
To play all these games
With a broken heart
And sometimes there's no way to run away
So why don't you stay?
Show me your body
And open you mind
There's no time to lose
Because we can find the key for the gates of eternity
Can't you see?

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