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There's Always A First Time

This song is by Silje Nergaard and appears on the album At First Light (2001).

Never been one for devil-may-care
Painting the town or letting down hair
Oh so wary of building on dreams
Afraid to discover all's not what it seems

There's always a first time
How do I know for sure
Now it's not mine
Tell me how I know
It's safe to just let go
Show me some sign

There's always a first time
How do I know that you are the right one
Show me how to lose
These nagging doubts and choose, not run

Let me then awake to find
I've left all caution far behind in the past
Let my heart be fit to burst
With a longing unrehearsed
Let it last

There's always a first time
Let it be now, and you
Be that someone
Who can help me leave
In the hands of fate
What we've begun

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