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Wasteland (Vechnost)

This song is by Silent Planet, features Nathan Mead and appears on the EP lastsleep (1944-1946) (2014) and on the album The Night God Slept (2014).

We "won the War"
We made a temple to thieves enshrining the great criminal
Who promised heaven without God

If we had sight to seem to see the seven seas
Could cease to be or freeze in me
We'd shake this sudden sundering
And subsequently cross the strait and traverse the wastes
We'll beat our rifles to shovels
Aand dig a proper grave for our sons who saw the end
Of God, wasteland
The flag will fall with the wall we built, wasteland

Apostate to the State, Witness to the Dead
For you know only a heap of broken image
And when you rid this earth of God we shall shelter Him underground

Fall into the coldest wastes of humanity
Darkening circles fed by deepening graves
"Death solves all problems", your heart is a statistic
No mother, no resistance, but still she precludes the grave

They saw the end of God, wasteland
The flag will fall with the walls we built, wasteland

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