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Everything That Rises Must Converge

This song is by Silent Planet and appears on the EP Come Wind, Come Weather (2012).

We might suppose that this is love
We might become like broken mirrors
Reflecting mere shapes and shades, until we have faces

Drifting through our paradoxes
Until we have faces

Prisoner: disappeared for the sake of the world
"Behold, I make all things anew"
Feel me, alert to the sound of your heart

I drowned in the desert to the thirst for the sea
Disguised by the light to blind the dark in me
I drowned in the desert to thirst for the sea
At the death of the garden plant the seeds of eternity
He's watching over us
She's watching over us

Sleeper: A prison comprised of self
"Behold, I make all things anew"
Feel me, alert to the sound of your breath

(Prisoner) Love is the pasture in the House of the Lord
A jubilee economy for none to afford
(The fire is surrounding)
And our fabric was woven piece by piece
And all the while we sat singing, "Sweet sleep surround surcease"
(Prisoner) Revel in reticent revelations
As movements of the Spirit extinguish this distinguishing conflagration
(You sleep safe in your cell)
Lines were tearing out that negative space
Defined by figure eight patterns bringing us face to face
Prisoner, the fire is surrounding
Prisoner, you sleep safe in your cell