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Darkstrand (Hibakusha)

This song is by Silent Planet, features Sean McCulloch and appears on the EP lastsleep (1944-1946) (2014) and on the album The Night God Slept (2014).

My hand, held to the glare of this burnt impasse
Yours, necessarily on the other side of some sickly meta-xis
You're stopped in stasis, matched with mine
I'll quantify time with meter
With rhyme to calculate a way to prove that you are alive

Isolated, trapped between
A picture of you now stained on the street
Oh mother, teach me how to die
In your shadow I saw to a distant future
Your life was only a nominal fee
Singing the sound of silence, signaling the end
They took your life, mother, as a pretense to pretend
The hand that feeds us sat you down
Covered my eyes, thrusted the styli
Retraced the timeline to call it suicide

Will you wait for me?

Death was the chorus; our lives framed in refrain
Softly we sing notes better sung by our dead
I'd rather sleep and see you soon than die alone
In the wake of this nuclear catastrophe
We were meant to create, you spoke us out of nothing
Out of the chaos we've caused
Naked we came, shadows we leave

Salt of the earth: Preserve their songs
Light of the world: Burn out the shadows

Infinite echoes of stifled screams
The abyss you've created will ever stare back into me

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