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To My Girl

This song is by Silent Ode.

Your eyes are the color of the sky
A thousand stars passing by
Bring some harmony
To this quiet tragedy
You say you like to be free
Running and trying to see
If life can be so full of dreams
Trying to understand what it really means
To be in love

Your smile is warm like the sun
A thousand rays overrun
Bring some peace
To my life at least
Because I love you
So much it's hard to believe it's true
I write a lot but nothing is enough
To express and take off
All those feelings I have for you

Your arms are soft as eternity
A thousand days to be
Bring some meaning
To all those nights spent crying
Your breath on me makes me be
More than you could ever see
You make my world turn
To some point of no return
Because in this day the wind
Makes an echo to your name
And I feel okay
Even though you're away
Because you'll always stay in my heart
No matter what happens we'll never be apart
I love you.

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