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My Cheesy Song

This song is by Silent Ode.

Was walking away filled with fear
Fasting up the pace not to fall in tears
Recalling on this moment when I saw your eyes
Pretending not to care made me realize
I cannot spend a single moment of this night
Not knowing what you're thinking when you are not a sight
I want to hold in those tears 'cause they're all that's left
From this day I felt alive when we first met
And that's when I first saw your eyes
Thinking I was dreaming and keeping up the lies
Then with no words you got near
Whispering that's there no place you'd rather be then here
Slowly put my arms around your waist
Breathing you in as much as I could taste
Our kisses made me full
And in your eyes I've seen tonight
The one thing that will always make me feel all right

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