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This song is by Silent Ode.

I know I might have lost direction
But this only gives a meaning to my passions
Might be sellfish for wanting to be with you
And for those tears that fell for you
Still I wanna sing even though I can't
I wanna smile even though I can't
Does anything I say have a meaning?
I don't care at least you'll be hearing
That this euphoria does mean something

"I'm tired of thinking, tired of trying
But I'll keep it up, I'll try and I'll think
Until I'm so awake that you'll come to me"

How many lines are there to a verse
Should all take this song all to reverse
Do you really understand when you say you do?
All these questions always fall back to you
But I don't care if you don't see me through
I won't content myself of unfinished relationships
Believe me when I say I believe
God is there and I won't take him for granted
I'm afraid of talking, but I know I'll always love him
And never stray

" I don't know what to think, what to claim
But I'll always believe in what comes on my way
Because almost everything comes for some reason
No matter what are the changes or the season"

I wonder how much we can misunderstand each other
I've spoken stars, sunsets and emotions
Finding out its nothing when it's not in your eyes
Can't keep the focus on what I'm talking about
My eyes are veiled because of water
It's kinda strange, it always seems to be rainning
I might be crazy, maybe I am
But I'll do everything I can
To be heard and understood
By you or by anyone

" I don't know what to know
But I'll always know I don't know
So let's be together today
Close our minds, and be happy forever"

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