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Maybe (Better Of Dead)

This song is by Silent Ode.

I loathe all of these moments spent
Begging you to give me a sign, a smile
I hate these outlet nights spent drinking
Seing you with other guys
I hate these deja-vu's
All these things you made me hate
They all hurt so bad
Hope you're happy now
Seeing me as low as it can be
Maybe this joke was worth the stay
Maybe my dignity loss was worthed your smile

Is this the end?
Can't think of the last time
I watched a girl like I used to watch you
Why did we ever meet in the first place?
Was I worth the night?
So many questions that are killing me
You left me heartless
How fun is it to watch me die?
Why do you still keep on calling?
You used to ignore me so well before
Maybe it's fun to see me so pitiful
Maybe my heart was worth the kill

I would have died for you...
I'm dead anyways...
All these dreams I had of you...
I have nightmare anyways...
Maybe it's life
Maybe its fine

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