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Trinity Of Gods

This song is by Silent Kingdom and appears on the album Reflections Of Fire (The Journey) (2006).

Svjetlost tada obasja
Lice njegovo
Glas zacu se i straha nestade
Ne plasi se vladaru
To je samo san
Od magije satkan
Oci tada vidjese lice njeno
I magije nestade od
Ljepote beskrajne

Once trapped in your prison of dark
Now free I am under the moon and stars
Soon I will choose but what will I choose
An endless dark or silent night

Hate is eternal in its diabolical form
Just like a dream I once had
It returns again and again

Your pins I feel inside of my soul
Through haze of thoughts I hear your calls
I hear old man's voice telling me the truth
Cursing me to death, wasting my soul away

Child close your eyes
Do not follow him
For he is not your guide
He's given by the might of those
Who do not understand

Yes you should ask your questions
To a trinity of gods
The ones who know nothing
But for their own demise

For one last time I'll close your eyes
And let your dreams take over your mind and soul
Soon you will be at the end of your dream
And I will leave your thoughts and your...

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