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Scars Of My Flesh

This song is by Silent Kingdom and appears on the album Reflections Of Fire (The Journey) (2006).

Zasto zoves me
Kroz snove svoje
Zasto trazis me
Zar ne znas da noc je
U kraljevstvu mome

I sada nocima trazim te
Kroz carstvo svoje
Na krilima snova
Ja dozivam ime tvoje

Kreni preko polja
Snova mojih
Ostavi samo strah
Da bude ti cuvar

This night I shall lay my curse upon thee
Is it enough you miserable lord?
Listening to your voice is only making me ill
Can you read my thoughts, they are denying your truth
Watch over me, drink my blood at your feast
Curse me if you want, humiliate what's left of me
Still you cannot kill these eyes, they are blinded by fear

Father speak to us loud
Your children abandoned are now
Just hide your flesh and your scars

So he stood on the cliff
Watching me climb those stairs
And spoke with voice and tongue
Unknown to me, yet thoughts I could read

Child have you decided
Will you accept me as you?
Will you live my life as I live yours?
You know nothing and I am everything
Can you ever reach the cave?
The one in which I'm hiding
Still you'll come to me
And defeated shall you be

Yes I do not believe in you
Why are you summoning the light?
When hatred is everything
Your deeds I'll follow
Like scars they mark my flesh
I'll choose eternal death
Rather than salvation of yours

Fear I felt same as joy
Knowing that closer I am
Again darkness spoke
Tearing my heart apart

Father curse us now
Unlike others I'll stay and fight
Just hide your thoughts and your eyes

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