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Chains Made Of Sand

This song is by Silent Kingdom and appears on the album Reflections Of Fire (The Journey) (2006).

Jutros mi je ruza procvjetala
Ruzu gledam pa sam zaplakala

I stood there trying to remember who I was
Looking inside the cave, but no trace of him was there
What should I do now?
A thousand of the thoughts are crumbling inside of my mind

Death shall rule your world
I will rule with plague
Side by side with you

Darkness spokes and nothing I could do
Hear my words you blind, twisted being
Killed you'll be for thoughts
That are yours
Bring his eyes to me for I shall feast upon
Give me his strength
And I'll burn it away

Yes he believed that I'm dead
But blood was still running through my veins
To cut his throat was my goal
To destroy his kingdom of lies
Was my destiny

Lies, I will give you my lies
Can you give me your light?
Life, I would give my life
If only I could see right through your eyes
Right through your mind
Right through your scars

Through shadows of this mountain I'll pass
And reach the light on the other side
Wisdom I could not find in your thoughts
With horrible feeling I'll leave your sleepless mind

Night will bring the truth
And I will cast it away
Silence will be complete

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