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Blood Of His Blood

This song is by Silent Kingdom and appears on the album Reflections Of Fire (The Journey) (2006).

Blood of his blood
Just speak no word, you are full of lies
And corrupted words of yours could invade
My pure dark hopes
My battle has begun
With mayhem unleashed I'll rip your heart
Behold the light that I bring
To destroy your strength

Wait for me, now I screamed
Far in the distance of desert
I saw them move
In the land of sun that shines
I cannot find my path without
Their traces left in blood red sand

Time is to regain the strength which
I once had, but will it teach me the truth
Which I'm looking for
Why can't I live without
Your false dreams and your long lost words
Was I born just to live
Or can I get closer to you

No. It said to me
You decided to live the life you live
Do not preach to me, not with your hell burned mind
Closer you are, yet my fear is gone
I'll wait for you on the battlefield of our dreams

Whatever you do I will walk among humankind
Without my sthrength, but full of evil

I will inherit the world
I will destroy your hopes
I am one with the hate
And I am forever

Speak no more for I shall cut your throat
And maybe then you'll realize the truth

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