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The Unhappy Club

This song is by Silent Film and appears on the album The Scene Is Dead (2006).

They say that something is wrong with me
But all of these pills that they take aren't cheap
'Cause I see them every night
And I'm so wrong and their so right

You know that I'm so damn disgusting
You know that I'll never be nothing
You know that somebody told me
That it's all their fault

'Cause they control me
They suck the life from me
Why can't things be like the way that they're on TV

Something here needs to change
Cause all of these people all look the same
Don't you look down on me
To tell me all the things I need

I'm so sick of always changing
With all the pills that I've been taking
I'm so sick of all the magazines that tell me how to live
Plastic people all around me
Filled with pain and filled with pity
I'm so sick of all these ads that tell me how to live

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