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The Half Light

This song is by Silent Cry and appears on the album Dance Of Shadows (2002).

(Lyrics: Ana Màrcia)
(Music: Dilpho Castro)

I let the smile go away, without want it
The last hope went to far away
Now I became prisioner of a past
A cheat past with lost dreams

One day I had the stars in my hands
One day I touched the moon with my heart
Peaces of my packed in secrets
And by my self, I live in a fantasy kingdom

My feelings are walking right to the sea
And with them, my eyes get lost
I keep trying to hide my tomorrow in the darkness
But all alone, I suplicate for the day light

I know you know the way to heaven
Letme follow you to start to smile again
I know we can be more if we hold our hands
And in that way, I'll look to my future and think about you

Helpme being by my side
Shinning my steps softening my pain
Healing my hurts destroying my past
Wiping my tears forgetting what is gone

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