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Sweet Serenades

This song is by Silent Cry and appears on the album Darklife (2005).

(Music - Albenez Carvalho, Lyrics - Suely Ribeiro, Arrangements - Silent Cry)

Why did you steal day light?
With your deceptions of an illusion
From love to arise the pain
Hour after hour
Tears consume me
And they devour me
Playing among the flower
I feel your tears
Taking my pain
I can hear a soft serenade
In my whispers tears and love
I want to finish your agony
Tears devour me and they consume me desillusions of an illusion
In my thoughts
I heard you speaking softly
Like deceptions of illusion
The hope that I posses
It's a hope so full of pain
Enchanter's this nightmare
That desires that devour me
Hour after hour
In the tips of my fingers
Washing my sadness
The stars fade one by one
Out of memories
Until the whole to disappear
To feel the taste of your love
Living in a castle in ruins
Keeping the same words

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