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Only To Love You

This song is by Silent Cry and appears on the album Dance Of Shadows (2002).

(Lyrics: Ana Màrcia)
(Music: Dilpho Castro)

Once I wanted give you the sky
Just to can see your pretty face
I contemplate the rain
And with her I walked

I belived en the sweet oaths
Of the sun searching for the moon
A new day awaited come
Only just to can hold you

I though that every star were fast and shine
I ordered that clouds unfold in rain
And one more day awaited arrive
Only to love you

But as the others
This was one more day in illusions
One more day on loneliness
That I rest on my cry

And was time of my suffering
That your heart brings me out
Cause every moment I was on you
In the tears of your cry...

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