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My Tears Are Still Falling

This song is by Silent Cry and appears on the album Darklife (2005).

(Music - Albenez Carvalho, Lyrics - Jefferson Britto, Arrangements - Silent Cry)

The storm is upon us my dearest one
The whiteness of the snow covered valley
Somehow comforts me as the day dies
But still the tears are falling
With closed eyes, I can see it in the stillness
I see my world consumed by flames of deception
I see a man, and a weeping child.
I see my end as I reach out for you.

The ache within this dull heart of mine
Is darker than darkness itself
Why must it be this way?
Why there must be such pain?

But even in death I still can feel you
And on my knees, I pray for a merciful god
I weep as I pour my heart out
But there's no answer, there's no compassion

Dance for me, my one true love
Come and rest you hands on mine
Kiss my lips and taste my blood
Share the grief you bring inside.

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