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No songs in this album have lyrics. All vocals are sung in Hopelandic. The Hopelandic consists of one eleven-syllable phrase, "You xylo. You xylo no fi lo. You so.", various permutations of which are sung over the course of the album.
Album by Sigur Rós.
  1. [Untitled 1] - Vaka
  2. [Untitled 2] - Frysta (The First)
  3. [Untitled 3] - Samskeyti (Attachment)
  4. [Untitled 4] - Njósnavélin (The Spy Machine)
  5. [Untitled 5] - Álafoss
  6. [Untitled 6] - E-bow
  7. [Untitled 7] - Dauðalagið (The Death Song)
  8. [Untitled 8] - Popplagið (The Pop Song)
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