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Embraced By Dreams, The Conquering Of Summer

This song is by Signs Of Darkness and appears on the album The 17th Floor (2004).

L'amour et la haine, les vivants et les morts
Everything I'll remember will be lost in the gates of eternity

Forever I'll be there, until death takes us apart
Mon amour, ma haine, your affection and torture
Our souls are bound by the blood of our eternal love
The desire for my bride is the pain of (the) unknown presence

Her lips, your kiss, the world may burn, but I'll be there, always, ...
Standing for you
Embraced by dreams, beyond love ...
A kiss of sorrow and grief

"And the sun dies, there will never be another dawn
The sun is the blood red earth ...
The night has become eternal ...
Once there was spring, now an everlasting winter"

"In the twilight the shadows die,
Where angels once where mist,
My heart filled fear,
My bride stolen,
Become a bride of evil ..."

The sky turned black, snow feld down
Darkness marches the earth
My ice-shaped heart melts

In a battle with night and day,
Darkness concourse me, chaos ruled
The fight remained for 31 days
Domination of a world unknown