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Firework Sky

This song is by Signal to Noise.

There is a short road that leads from there and here
Paved with broken glass from empty bottles
And the long road, that leads you back again
Is made of luck and circumstance
Of chance and accidents

Here at home with love that's waiting
I have found the life I need
But in June in the east
The summer heat can kill the weak and old
And in July, the celebrations, and the firework sky

There is a held note, I can never sing
It tears my throat and drains my lungs
There's been a long drought that's burning up the hills
Turning green to gold and brown
Shutting down these dusty towns

But I held the line, I stood my ground
And in the night, when the fading light took all away
I searched in vain, and I failed to find it
And in the day, when I could see,
It had gone away

We're shutting down these dusty towns
Burning down the memories
And watching the smoke rise
To the firework sky

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