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Obliteration Of The Ages

This song is by Signal The Firing Squad and appears on the album Earth Harvest (2010).

Rape our earth of its natural resources

By purging water with disease
Hallucinating the masses
Bringing mankind to its knees
Erasing the world of its breathing habitants
Upheaval is iminent no flaws could bring us down
Humans united; the murder will never ease
My misanthropic tendencies never seem to cease
The pain of solace is all I need
Genocide to the world and end my suffering

Beneath a world of decaying bodies
Our population decreasing by the minute
Bearing the rotting roots of our foundations
Cast aside the leader of a new world
Saviour, our only true destroyer

Rape our earth of its natural resources
Take our earth from its total deforestation

Save our fucking earth of its certain downfall
Don't fucking bury it

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