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A Fragile Constitutional

This song is by Signal Home and appears on the album A Fragile Constitutional (2006).

This is the way we hang our heads
This I the way I've learned to accept the things ill never understand
Life makes sense, it makes sad sense
We've got more of less these days
As I fumble for the feelings from the photographs of you I've stashed away ill hold my breath for one more year
My heart pounds in thirds and fifths to bridge the waves I knew that you would send
I should have known itd come to this
There's not much we can gain without taking this risk
This is life, this is strife, this is what we've learned to call our own
This is what we've learned to call our home
This home is so secure
This is the way that we all laugh when were feeling insecure, when were feeling unassured
Its nothing but the blue and the black, the blue and the black
As my thoughts speak, my words will miss
I can't commit, I just can't commit
I never thought itd come to this, ill never feel the same, I'm older now

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