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This song is by Sight Like December.

Hese days I'm drifting down dark empty halls where

The paintings are wishes hung burning like stars and

I'm kneeling and weeping and mourning their passing

Realizing I'm foolish with all my reaching backwards

And your eyes pale and green haunt me from the canvas

They're saying I'm sorry and sorry is all that is left

Of us the words they are hollow an shaped just like a

Stranger I don't recognize this girl but I believe i

Once knew her when I was younger

We chased fireflies all night and put them in a jar we

Added grass and some sticks to make um feel at home we

Thought we'd make some kinda firefly lantern but they

Fluttered and died of asphyxiation

That night we slept in a sleeping bag on the lawn the

Wind quietly blew the trees shuddered in song lulled to

Sleep by the message that emerged from the ground like

A heart beat so constant assuring it's here you belong

Oh love, it's here you belong

In this empty spot in my bed where your body once was

With a head on my chest fingers tracing lines on (my

Arms) those tiny hands whispering you were spelling i

Love you right from this spot not anymore but you used

To you used to smile and say I can't wait till we

Have our own place some day with a dog and I'll get to

Name him an there'll be no one to wake us everyday we

Could sleep in if we wanted

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