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Try To Remember

This song is by Sifl And Olly.

If your memories are gone
I'll bring them back with a song, Boy-ee
We'll take it one day at a time
Let me refresh your mind, yeah

Try to remember my sweater
That you stole in third grade
And each day at recess
You'd always spit in my lemonade

I vaguely remember
Daring you to walk on thin ice
Yeah, and that one time
We expelled for having head lice

Yeah, and do you remember
The time when you learned how to drive?
Yeah, that was great
I wrecked your dad's car but we still survived!

It's great now that you know
How your history goes
Now that my mind is intact
I know we really go back, yeah

Now always remember your real friends
'Cause they screw up your life
So keep this in mind when your older
And they steal your wife

Oh, I feel so much better.

Not me...

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