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The Forest Elf Song

This song is by Sifl And Olly.

I'm only two inches tall
A lima bean's a meal for me!
I'm only small but
I can sing a sunny song
And here is my backpack made of bark
I made it from the things I find on the forest floor
So much more
For free
Like sticks and leaves
I'm just a tiny guy in the world
But I might be an elf
But I don't care
Because I only want to sing, and sing, and SING!
Excuse me,
I didn't mean to cough
But you see it's very cold
Sleeping in a hollow log
I have to watch out for the bullfrogs
Because they think I am a beetle
And they snatch me in their gullet
I can't win!
I'm so tiny in this world of darkness
I'm so tiny in this world for me!

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