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This song is by Sifl And Olly.

Tangerine! Slip inside my big-ass Lincoln
Tangerine! I know ladies love velvet dashboards
Tangerine! Damn, that girl's dress is revealing
Tangerine! Eating lobster with my bitches

Makin', love yeah!

Tangerine! I can't wait to take you back to my crib!
Tangerine! Get undressed and get in my round bed!
Tangerine! I put on my robe and my platform slippers
Vaseline! All aboard the electric stallion!

Makin', love yeah!

Awww yeah, baby...

[Chester, get out of here, dude... we're bein' sexy...]

I'm sexy...
Tangerine! Got some cereal in my pocket
Tangerine! I can't wait to make you nauseous
Makin' love... nauseous

Now I'm nauseous... god, now I'm nauseous... I'm sorry, I feel bad...

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