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Hawaiian Rap

This song is by Sifl And Olly.

Aloha, y'all!
Let me show you what time it is, poi!

Well I'm so ho'in', they call me Don Ho,
With the rhymes slidin' hotter than Kilowea's lava flow
Pina colada on the Magnum P.I show
We'll bust ya old school like Hawaii Five-O

We dropped a bomb on Pearl Harbor
With our sonic air raids
And when we get off the plane,
Y'know we always get laid

Sure the girls really dig us
They really like to flirt
Tonight at the luau,
We're gonna smoke the grass skirt!

Rikki tikki tava mooka lakka hocka lao
Leah Lielu poppa-locka leaky seekee kao
Chewbacca maui wowee empanada kiki dee
Wukunuku honolulu word to Bebbe Bebbedee

Hangin' ten before breakfast
Eatin' coconuts for brunch
All you sucker DJs
We pack a mean Hawaiian PUNCH!

Aloha, y'all!

Olly: you said that in the beginnning, dude
Sifl: yeah, but it means hello AND goodbye
Olly: are you sure?
Sifl: oh yeah.

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