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Electric Vomit

This song is by Sifl And Olly.


Better than a roller coaster
Riding through the mountains on a train
The righteous one
Through a big locomotive
Elementary schools are insane
Zoom lenses and big treats
Hamhocks in the Jamaica
The righteous one
Forty freedom force
Alan wrench and Sotorson's

Electric vomit
I saw a vision
I saw a vision of many victims
Electric vomit
They fixed me
Like a robot
Then I played at Madison Square Garden
Electric vomit
I was a hit!
I sold the show out
And then I brought a (...??)
Electric vomit
I can't see
But they tell me that I look good

Key op in the soldier sun
Righteous one of kings
Hell yes
Elevator action in the onion
The righteous one
Can't get a jockey oh a thing
Wilbur the Indian wart
Set up my foce field tonight
Crazy William the Indian
Sweet gland tummy tuck

Electric vomit
I was a hit
And they wrote to the publisher
Electric vomit
Of the valley
Of the soldier who said to his son
Electric vomit
I'm a crazy
Young man
I'm a pilot in a crazy accident

The righteous one!

I broke my plane!

The righteous one!

That's all I got.

My plane!

Thank you, thank you very much. For the... for your free cupcakes, see the uh... posted sign

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