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Dalores (Your Turtle Is Dead)

This song is by Sifl And Olly.

I'm sorry, Dalores,
Your turtle is dead
You don't have to go to school
So just stay in bed.

We knew that you loved him
It's easy to tell
We want to make a belt buckle
Out of his shell

All the days you spent together
All the dreams you dreamt together
Eating worms through stormy weather
Like two birds of a feather

So tell us the answer
A yes or a no
Can we use him as a belt buckle
Or should we just go?

He's useless to you now
So give us the stiff
We'll let you wear him now and then
He'll never be missed.

All his little life and splendor
Stretched and varnished on our leather
Perhaps a ring or broach is better
Because your turtle could not be deader

I'm sorry, Dalores,
Your turtle is spent
But we've got proof and evidence
That we're innocent

Amen! amen!

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