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Chester's Super Day Song

This song is by Sifl And Olly.

(sung by Chester)

I met met this shiny girl
She said I'm crescent fresh
She had a sparkly dress
She smelled like stuff
So I touched her velvet thighs
She made me start to cry
We're friends for life for sure
I'm in like

Hey! Hey! It's a super super special super day, yeah!
Hey! Hey! It's a special super crazy fun day, yeah!

So then she laid me on the bed,
I kinda lost my balance
I heard sort of noises
From the bathroom
Then Cody gave her an envelope
Said thank you, paid her, and
Something that rhymes with soap...
I don't think she's...

Hey! She's the kinda girl... Hey! She's the kinda girl
She likes me and she's special, likes me, yeah, cool!
Hey! I think I like that girl... Hey! She kinda likes me...
Special, thank you, special, YES! Girl!

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