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Common Ground

This song is by Sierra and appears on the album Sierra (1994).

I say it's red
You say it's blue
I say it's a lie
You say it's the truth
How far have we traveled
Down this of extremes
I used to know you
You used to know me

Can we find some common ground
Where we can stand
And turn our hearts around
Can we find a place to leave
What's pulling us down
Can we find a way to find some
Common ground

It was so easy
When we first met
We lived all those moments
We'll never forget
But time has a habit
Of drawing a line
That makes a distinction
From your way and mine

All the distance between us
Would disappear today
If we could trace back the footsteps
That led us separate ways
I know it's not too late

Written by:

Connie Rae Harrington; Wendi Foy Green

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