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Forged In Flames

This song is by Siebenbürgen and appears on the album Darker Designs & Images (2005).

Cold soul, shadow beast
Arise as elder burns
Behold the prophet of Nozterra
Horned god of the past

From the dark, bound in flames
Forged by nightmares unseen

A demon spawned by hate
A pact beyond daeth
Chained to prophecies of fate
Forever to eternity

Banished to his Hades of ruin
Where lies and death are kings
From an age of dark illusions
Sons of dragon flames

Legions of the dead arises
Evoked by ancient gods
Elder rulers once forgotten
Unleashed upon this dying world

Ancient god of war unleashedTrechtlas wraith unclean
A curse of hate, spirits dead
Uncrowned but still a king
A sword of flames raised to the sky
A battle fought to win
As heaven burns, to faded sun
An age of hellstorm blessed upon this world of dying faith
Savage Eden made impure
As prophecies foretold, eternal night

God damnation, shadow king
Ruler of death, cursed by disease
Awakened from his ancient slumber
Horned god of the past

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