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Born Under A Black Sun

This song is by Siebenbürgen and appears on the album Darker Designs & Images (2005).

A damnation praised in flames
For whom I could not speak or name
I treasure behold this solitude of night

My blackened soul, forever cold
A damnation burned in black flames
As darkened shadows fall
Shades of black wings clad the sky
Moonlit silver fades in ravens eyes

Woe to this ngith
A blessing of shadows awaits me
Behold all it s glory
As darkness crupts and transforms me

Damned to be, great fallen one
Unleash the storms of wrath
Grant me might by poisoned blade
A legion in one soul

Unbounded by the flames of hate
A beast of fear released
Shadow stalker of the lost worlds
I am to be

As the venmo spreads inside
Its chant begins to glow
I travel through the seven worlds
... In awe

Demon of black shadows worn
Corne forht as night time falls
Plead the gifts of nightmares born
Abiding sacrifice

Ungodly speaks through me
A legion in one soul
Unforgotten sacrilege, darkenss made a king

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