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We Don't Talk Anymore

This song is by Sideshow Judy.

We don't talk about it anymore

'Cause we're no longer just friends

My winter hair and our operal dress sense

Has become taboo since then

And now you're breaking my heart

How do I say it?

Breaking my heart

Behind painted lines

Breaking my heart

It's all like the song that you hear

But you can't receive again

It was the month of February, day 27

We were the best of friends

Lovers in the dark and night romancing

Loving and holding hands

But then she came along

We were humouring each other

She came along

All went bits and pieces

Doesn't it all seem strangely relevant

To become complete strangers

It's not true they say that you didn't love me

When you just knew me too well

It seems the phonecall yesterday was to piece

And carry over this dry spell

And now that you have found a new life

Guess I don't blame you

Closer apart and right from the start

We were destined to part

And now that it's all ended

I have nothing to say

It's all ended

Never loved you anyway

It's all ended

I guess that life remains for me and goes on forever



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