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The Incurable

This song is by Sides Of The North and appears on the album The Incurable Romantic (2005).

Say that you will come and be with me, surround me
Say that you will, on your own
Come to me with all that you are, and I know that you fought
And I know that you are fighting to be here, come as you are

Touch me I'm alone again
Knew not what you wanted it to be
Set our hearts on fire now
Shattered at your brokenness

Stay one more day, set my heart as ease, surround me
Stay one more day, till the morning
Coming to my senses so long forgot
Wasting the night away on this apathy, morning is near

There's something in your eyes
And it's new

You're the cure, and it's new
Oh everything I never knew
Oh apathy is down
Your hope's renewed

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