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The Mission

This song is by Sickshine.

Oracle of madness there is only lamentation in my soul and all my sickness I am cleansed of elation but the mission is the only purpose I can give a fuck about I face the worst case situation thought about that could ever come between a mind and a blind eye emptiness is silent as the wind in a dry sky now I'm getting closer so it matters less to everyone but this battle can never be won the world is a raped little girl and she spins and she twirls and she pukes and she hurls and she cries in the night cause nothing can make it all right the world is a raped little girl guiltness eating me alive how can I forget I don't give a fuck if I survive I'm a piece of shit tension is climbing up my back to the base of my skull digging and drilling into my spine it's pitiful a fixed intolerence of solitude brings me here frustration breaking my concentration can't hear myself thinking cause of this stupid conversation that never stops it's ringing in my ears it's driving me insane it's bringing me to tears nobody understands me but everyone claims to they don't believe that my pains true I sit alone and I stay awake at night 'cause I ain't gonna be all right and the world ain't gonna be all right always I am suffering and hiding it from all of you the hate and desolation in my brain could fucking swallow you and after all I've seen in my blindness behind this scene I was shown no kindness by this subconscious side of my personality that allows me to hate the fucking world for what it did to me what it does to my family my whole tribe is TOO disturbing for me to even try to describe it's a conspiracy a world wide industry holding authority with nothing but hypocrisy how can we let this stupidity continue how much longer can anyone pretend to give a fuck

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