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Insult Injury

This song is by Sickshine.

Stepping in the darkness of the tunnel to the land of the sun the underworld is the starting point and then we run and we can struggle like molecules magnatized we get taken for granted and ridiculed and patronized but we can never disguise our true feeling as empty prayers and nightmares rise through the ceilings of houses of concrete corners and bricks and sticks and if the earth gives way it snapes toothpicks out of the sandboxes but fire can purify it's deep inside a hand blocks the human I've shattered the walls of the chain link chess piece status and reputation and servitude with no release and could the ceasing of existence at all be a curse and the presence of eternities of pain be any worse it's just a lesson in deception let this be an example it's like conception sewat and you can gamble and never be consciously be placing a bet how can you handle running the risk of an uninvited guest my chest is burning not to be one but to have one there's no sense in leaving this apocalypse half-done and if money DISPLAYS your gods trust what could the root of evil be the love of god's creation of your greedy mentality his hospitality is if you don't work you don't eat the fruit of knowledge is forbidden and it is bittersweet and two-faced and every race was lied to in the first place a cammonplace mistake population disgrace now fall on your face and reflect on your last days how can you accept ths extreme in justice of praise it is a sacrilege the is then it becomes commercialized to make sure a dead faith can capitalize... A promise that is easily spoken can be a promise that is easly broken as well and it's a fact that the body tells what the words try to deny and to hide it is a token of our pride it is a veil over the inside and it can remain denied and it must remain denied like all the tears I've cried

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