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Torn Off

This song is by Sick Water.

Just leave my house and take the stove
Pack your baggage
Drive off in my car keep my cash
Pawn that ring
A butterfly with torn off wings
A bee that dies with every sting
My feet on the ground, my head in the clouds
I live on a mountain
The rain's pouring down you're happy and sound
I'm mad and diseased
Alone I rule my world
Together I feel a lonely burn
I see the ocean in your eyes
And I cannot run away
I feel alone when I'm with you
I feel alone when you're away
A nova came I'm left undone
Changed my world I trust no one
My novocain she's the start
An evil game that tore my heart
That bruised my skin that stole my faith
I'm left Torn Off in empty space
So bruise my skin, starve your face
Spin the truth, manipulate

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