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Premanitions (2005)Edit

SickTanicK - Premanitions


  1. Premanitions (Blessed Be Tha Damned)
  2. In The Name Of
  3. If I Can't Have You No One Can
  4. Whatcha Wanna Know?
  5. Tha 4 Steps (The Devilz Prayer)
  6. Anatha Angels Dead
  7. Say Goodbye To Yesterday
  8. Serial Killin (featuring The SKR Family)

Chapter One: Doctrines Of The Damned (2006)Edit

  1. This Is My Story This Is My Life
  2. Unholy Execution

The Lament Configuration (2008)Edit

  1. Seduction & Persuit
  2. Signs of the Diabolic
  3. The Lament Configuration
  4. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  5. The Engineer
  6. Bloodlines (Spoken Word Interlude)
  7. Solve Coagula
  8. Hells Offerings
  9. Suffering Divine
  10. Endgame
  11. Eternal Flame 2008 (featuring Razakel)
  12. Apocolypse 2012
  13. Never Hold Us Back (featuring Two Clipz, Razakel and Bloodshot)
  14. God Hates Me (I Hate Him Too) (featuring KGP and Stitch Mouth)
  15. For the Beast (featuring Cap One, Stitchez, Razakel and C-Poppin)

Chapter Two: In Nomine SickTanicK (2010)Edit

  1. Intro
  2. In Nomine SickTanicK
  3. Unholy Blood, Unholy Grail
  4. Cornerstone

Other SongsEdit

  1. 6 Minutes Of Shame
  2. Final Touch
  3. Fuck Your God


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