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Sic N Twisted's Great List Of Amazing Rock Type Songs

This song is by Sic N Twisted.

Here are some amazing rock type songs they you may have not have heard before if your looking for something to download or to find a new favourite band.

I will only give you one song per band, it'll be usually there best song according to me.

If you think a song sucks to you that's is on here, its just my opinion.

If you think there is something missing off the list, or a question, post it below or private message me.

* - Good but don't count on it too much
**- Fairly good song, you might like it
*** - Good solid song
**** - A real awesome song
***** - Truly uncomparable

Band Song Genre Rating

Pulley Gone Punk ****
Tsunami Bomb Lemonade Punk ***
Spineshank New Disease Hard Rk ***
Millencolin No Cigar Punk ****
Better Than Ezra Good Alter ***
Finger Eleven First Time Hard Rk. ****
Our Lady Peace Clumsy Alter ****
The Ataris San Dimas... PopPunk **
Alkaline Trio Stupid Kid Punk **
Incubus New Skin Hard Rk *
Pitchshifter w.y.s.i.w.y.g Metal *****
Slick Shoes Alone Punk *
Seven Channels Breathe Alter ***
LiveonRelease I'm afraid of Britney PopPunk *****
Face to Face Disconnected Punk ***
Eve 6 Leech Alter. **
Sugarcult Bouncing off... Pop Punk ****
Social Distortion Drag me down Punk ***
Gob What to do Pop Punk ***
Local H Bound for the... Alter *
Left Front Tire Bring you down Pop Punk ***
Lost Prophets Shinobi vs ... Hard Rk **
Project Wyze nothing is what it... Hard Rk ***
Lit Miserable Alter *
One Minute Silence South Central Metal **
Treble Charger American Psycho Alter ***
Blender Isolate Rock *
Nofx Linoleum Punk ***
Stereomud Pain Hard Rk ***
Cold Just Got Wicked Hard Rk ***
Primer 55 Loose Hard Rk **
Kittie Brackish Metal **
Machinehead Crashing around you Metal ***
Ill Nino What comes around Hard Rk *
Pete. daze sweet daze Rock *

Thank you I might post another one later on.