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​Any Day Now

This song is by Sibel and appears on the album The Diving Belle (2008).

I've learned to deal with being all alone
I've learned to understand that you are gone
I see the pictures fade just like a dream in the night
Still I've found the strength to carry on

I've learned to face the morning without you
I've learned to understand that we are through
But somehow it seems the love we scared is just beyond my reach
And I find I don't know what to do

Even since we met I really tried
Still my heart is left in pieces
I can't count the tears that I have cried
But I will let you go, any day now

I see our love was hidden in a smile
That faded like the innocence you hide
I was sure I found a love to last until my
Dying breath
I thought that we would last more than a while

But summer came and faded into fall
You drew away from me, I lost it all
I pray the Load will see me through,
'Cause I don't understand
All I do is wait for you to call

I used to think the love we had would stand the
Test of time
I thought that you would be here to the end
I never knew that love was playing games with my mind
But I am left alone behind

I have tried
Still my heart is left in pieces
I have cried
And I will let you go any day now