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​Welfare State

This song is by Siòbhan and appears on the album Welfare State (2004).

When I was just a baby, I looked up at me ma
And asked her for a couple of feckin' quid
At school at seven years, I cried some bitter tears
They wouldn't let me root inside the rubbish bins
And soon I could be found sitting on the ground
Starting at the folks walking by
Scratching my privates, with a twinkle in my eye

The times were lookin' thin, but the government stepped in
And sent me to a special bloody school
Sent my parents loads of friggin' money just the same
And taught this boy to play by the rules
And the years were kind to me, I got my PHD
A house a car a beautiful wife
But sometimes you know I feel,
They robbed my of my life

Now the bank has come to call
To repossess it all
And I can't fuckin' wait
'Cause I was born to be a homeless man
In the modern welfare state

Now my ass was out of Yale, I rode the corporate rails
Fed my kids with silver bloody spoons
At night I put my head on a thousand dollar bed
Safe and warm inside this cocoon
But my dreams were full of fire, of chaos and desire
And floods to change the night to the day
And watching this whole world slowly washing away

Now the rent is overdue, the wife and I are through
The kids have run away to live in peace
And for $19.99, I've bought a box of wine
And my hair and clothes are soiled up with grease
So let the bastards come and see this ruddy bum
Now that I am gentle and wise
For all these bloody years, I was a hobo in disguise